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Even though I’d love to stay It’s time to work not to time to play And even though you’re now for me Soon you’ll be a memory Time catches everyone And the world goes round the sun And the memory lives on in my heart Time catches everyone (Sandi Thom)

14. November 2006, 21:50 o'clock

So the new Meat Loaf album is really just more of the same, but this certainly has to be one of the better lines of lyrics of recent times: “Can you hear the slaughterhouse bells? In the land of the pigs, the Butcher is king…”

13. November 2006, 15:08 o'clock

Ti amo, God how I loved you so My heart just won’t let go Day after day I’m still holdin’ on Even though you’re gone Ti amo, wasn’t I good to you? I did all that I could do To make you want to be here with me I thought you loved me I can’t […]

6. November 2006, 12:00 o'clock

Maybe in another life, when we are both cats.

6. November 2006, 11:58 o'clock